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IT CREW offer prompt wi-fi setup, troubleshooting and repair for homes and offices.

A slow or intermittent wi-fi connection can interfere with everyday online tasks and cause immense frustration.

Common Wi-Fi Problems We Fix

These are the most common internet issues we help our clients overcome. (Depending on the size and layout of your home, the wi-fi problems you experience may differ from the following list.)

  • Slow internet speeds when using your PC, laptop, iMac or other wireless devices
  • Intermittent wireless dropouts when using mobile devices
  • Little or no coverage in certain rooms of your office/workspace due to poor signal strength or double brick walls
  • No wireless coverage outdoors
  • Wireless printers dropping out
  • Smart TV not able to stream smoothly
  • PC or iMac experiencing random drop outs
  • Poor wireless music streaming through Spotify or Sonos sound systems

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We understand that sometimes you need flexible options for your IT requirements, as no two businesses are the same after all!

We offer a range of services and products to suit your business requirements. As all businesses differ slightly we are able to customize a service to exactly fit your business.


Our rrinciples that Can help Your Business

  • Treat every customer with respect.

  • We take ownership of the situation.

  • We Go the extra mile

  • Remember every second count.

  • We Support our customers as a team.